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High temperature, the temperature up to 300 ℃(Celsius) no effect on the strength, less than 500 ℃ strength without loss, non-flammable, anti-corrosion, heat insulation, sound insulation, high tensile strength, good electrical insulation.

Fiberglass Direct Roving
Fiberglass E-Glass Direct Roving is compatible with polyester, vinyl ester, epoxy and phenolic resins etc.. this product is extensively used in filament winding, pultrusion, weaving fabrics, like woven roving and geogrid.
Fiberglass SMC Roving
Fiberglass SMC Roving is compatible with unsaturated polyester resin and vinyl ester resin. It is mainly used for automobile parts, electrical appliance, tank crust and sport instruments, etc..
Fiberglass Spray Up Roving
Fiberglass Spray Up Roving is compatible with unsaturated polyester resins, vinyl ester resin and epoxy resin, it is used for spray up and centrifugal casting. It mainly used for producing GRP ships, sanitary ware, storage tanks and Hobas pipes, ect..
Fiberglass Gypsum Roving
This Roving is specifically designed to reinforce for gypsum. It is chopped into a specific length and the chop is mixed with gypsum, starch powder and accelerating agent. Then the mixture is molded, cured, cut and dried to form a light weight construction boards.
Fiberglass ECR Roving
Fiberglass ECR Roving for pultrusion, which is coated the silane, compatible with polyester, vinylester and epoxy etc. It’s also compatible with many kinds of resins. It is used in the FRP extrusion molding and many kinds of FRP materials, such as tabernacles, gratings, poles, FRP rebar, cable slot and Wind turbine blade.
Alkali-resistant Glass Fiber Roving
Alkali-resistant glass fiber has a high degree of corrosion resistance in the environment of cement and other alkaline medium. It can be used to reinforce cement gypsum and other inorganic materials. Light in weight and high in strength, GRC is suitable for skyscrapers, civil engineering, gardens, etc. 
Alkali-resistant glass fiber roving Characteristics: good integrity & dispersing, high stiffness, low static, low fuzz Application: spray up, premix
Alkali-resistant Glass Fiber Roving
Product Inquiry
Glass fiber raw materials and product characteristics
Yarn manufacturing process
Crucible wire drawing
Clay crucible wire drawing: relatively primitive, eliminated in 1999
Gold-platinum crucible wire drawing: crucible: platinum-rhodium alloy
Pulling platinum crucible: is a new technology researched and developed by our country.
Crucible: pot body: refractory silicon; drain plate: platinum rhodium alloy
The production process consists of two parts: ball making and wire drawing
In the whole drawing process, the ball adding and drawing temperature control are completed by the automatic control device
Pool kiln wire drawing
Pool kiln drawing is a new process for continuous glass fiber production. Pool kiln drawing is to put glass batches in a melting furnace, and then directly draw them into various quantities of continuous glass fibers.
Pool kiln drawing is an advanced technology for producing glass fiber, and its scale and production capacity are far greater than crucible drawing. The technical feature is that it adopts heavy oil or gas heating unit kiln, the powder is directly melted into glass, and the forming channel heated by gas is used to simultaneously draw various specifications of glass fiber raw materials (tens to hundreds). wire. It has the advantages of large production scale, high efficiency, low energy consumption, and good product quality. It can meet the requirements of 800 to 4000 hole large slat wire drawing. It is the best method to produce high-quality, low-cost glass fiber materials.
Compared with crucible wire drawing, pool kiln wire drawing has the following advantages:
1. The ball making process is omitted, the process flow is simplified, and the efficiency is high;
2. Pool kiln wire drawing One kiln can install 10 to hundreds of slip plates, with large melting capacity and high production capacity;
3. Easy to realize automation;
4. Suitable for the production of coarse fiber suitable for glass fiber reinforced plastic with porous large leakage plate;
5. The waste yarn produced is easy to return to the furnace.
Packaging and shipping
Each roll is about 18KG, 48/64 rolls are a tray, 48 rolls have 3 layers, and 64 rolls have 4 layers. A 20-foot container holds about 20 tons.
Our company has our special professional after-sale service department, products have enjoyed a high prestige in domestic and popular in international market too.

Our mission is to serve the global composite materials purchases, to make people’s life more safe, more environmental. 
Welcome business cooperation by our high quality products and sincere service,to win the beautiful tomorrow together!
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