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Application of glass fiber composite materials in construction
August 30, 2022
The chemical composition of glass fiber is mainly silicon dioxide and boron trioxide, which play a decisive role in the properties and process characteristics of glass fiber. Glass fibra has many excellent properties such as high strength, low expansion, corrosion resistance, electrical insulation, and non-combustion. The glass of specific components is melted and flowed out through small holes, and then drawn into very fine fibers, which can be made into fabrics with a wide variety. There are often glass fiber cloth, glass fiber mat and non-woven fabric.
The strength, stiffness and fatigue resistance of short fiber reinforced composites are far inferior to the performance of similar long fiber reinforced composites in the fiber direction. However, due to the high productivity of short fibers, complex-shaped parts can be made and the price is cheap, so it has a wide range of applications. Chopped glass mats have good layability, no orientation, and reinforced composites are much better in strength, especially stiffness and thermal stability than matrix materials (engineering plastics) without fiber reinforcement; than unidirectional continuous fiber reinforced composites The transverse tensile and shear strengths are much higher; much higher than the interlaminar tensile and shear strengths of unidirectional (and laminated) composites.