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In the era of intelligence, electronic yarn/electronic cloth ushered in new opportunities!
 August 24, 2022
With the penetration of new technologies such as 5G, Internet of Things, cloud computing, big data, artificial intelligence and other new technologies into traditional industries, new integration fields such as smart manufacturing, automotive electronics, smart home appliances, and smart medical care are flourishing. Expanded the application range of PCB board and promoted the demand for electronic yarn/electronic cloth.
1. The market capacity of electronic cloth will maintain stable growth
Continuous glass fiber cloth is a plain weave fabric made of electronic-grade glass fiber yarns woven by air-jet looms. After desizing treatment, surface treatment and fiber opening treatment, it is easy for resin to diffuse through. Excellent resin bonding, excellent electrical insulation properties of Luyu printed circuit boards. Heat resistance and processing properties. Products are widely used in the field of electronic communications.
In the next few years, the electronic cloth industry will maintain steady growth. There are many traditional terminal application fields, involving consumer electronics, industry, automobile, communication and other industries, and emerging terminal application fields emerge in an endless stream; the strong support of a series of national industrial policies has also created a favorable market environment for the electronic cloth industry.