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Fiberglass Woven Roving
Fiberglass Multiaxial Fabric

1.  Glass fiber checkered cloth is a plain weave two-way reinforced fabric woven from untwisted roving.


2.  The non-alkali glass fiber multiaxial fabric is made of non-twisted rovings arranged in parallel in 0º, 90º, +45º, -45º directions. The chopped layer can be compounded later.

Fiberglass Plain Weave Cloth
Fiberglass Woven Roving
Fiberglass Multiaxial Fabric
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Product features and advantages
    Fiberglass Woven Roving
1.  Uniform distribution, uniform tensile strength, and excellent vertical performance.
2.  The resin soaks quickly, the mold overlay is good, and the bubble discharge is good.
3.  High mechanical strength.
    Fiberglass Multiaxial Fabric
1.  Mwchanical property of differ ent directions is adjustable.
2.  The multi-layers structure could simplify forming process, improve operation efficiency.
3.  Quickly wet-out, good molding property, easily to delete air bubbles.
Packaging and shipping
Use a paper tube with an inner diameter of 100 mm to be crimped, then put it in a polyethylene plastic bag, and then wrap it in a separate carton. Finally, it can be transported in cartons or packed on pallets.
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