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Product introduction

    Glass fiber yarn is a raw material product of other products produced by the fusion of mineral materials and drawing process.
    It has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, non combustion, corrosion resistance, good heat insulation and sound insulation, high tensile strength and good electrical insulation.

Company situation

      Founded in 2012, Hebei yunniu glass fiber manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a professional glass fiber manufacturer in North China. As a professional glass fiber enterprise, it mainly produces and distributes various E-type glass fiber products, such as glass fiberroving, glass fiber chopped precursor, glass fiber chopped precursor felt, glass fiber woven roving, needle felt, glass fiber cloth, etc, It is widely used in construction, automobile and textile industry.

Company strength

    We make sure that Fiber-Glass Products render high quality standards. Our quality controllers regularly monitor entire stage of production process to ensure the perfect quality of our products. We adhere to latest technology and quality control procedure, which ensures quality standards and specifications. The company is able to offer first class quality and main products with full trace-ability by BV,SGS and ISO9001. Therefore, you could rest assure our perfect quality and service.

Fiberglass Direct Roving

fiber Glass Roving direct is compatible with unsaturated polyester resin and vinyl ester resion.It is mainly used for automobile parts,electrical appliance,tank crust,combined-type water tank plates and sports instruments,etc.



Item TEX Diameter(um) LOI(%) Mol(%) Vompatible Resin
Fiberglass Direct Roving 2000-4800 22-24 0.40-0.70 ≤0.10 UP
Fiberglass Direct Roving 300-1200 13-17 0.40-0.70 ≤0.10 UP VE EP
Fiberglass Direct Roving 300-4800 13-24 0.40-0.70 ≤0.10 UP VE EP
Fiberglass Direct Roving 300-2400 13-24 0.35-0.55 ≤0.10 UP VE EP PF

Product Characteristics

Well chopped performance,good distribution,anti-static and good flowability under mold press;Different acetone solution speed according to different requests;Composit materials are high mechanical strength,excellent surface prformance.

Fiberglass AR Roving

Glass fiber alkali resistant roving,compatible with epoxy resins,with curing agent of acid angydride or amine.

Finished products could meet the high bursting strength request,suitable for high pressure pipes and pressure containers.



  TEX Lol(%) MOl(%) Compatible
Fiberglass SMC Roving 2400 1.10-1.30 ≤0.10 UP VE Structure type
Fiberglass SMC Roving 2400 1.00-1.40 ≤0.10 UP VE Structure and surface type

Product Characteristics


Our glass fiber roving products have unique characteristics and advantages

Well chopped performance,good distribution,anti-static and good flowability under mold press;

Different acetone solution speed according to different requests;

Composite materials are of high mechanical strength,excellent surface performance;

Easy wet out, electric (insulation) performance is strong.

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