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Glass fiber fire blanket: building a never-failure "safety barrier"

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Fire and water are ruthless, and the fire is shocking and sad. We must not only mourn but also learn from it, so as to avoid a repeat of the tragedy. Safety precautions, no vacation, no burnout period, no sprint period, it's always on the road.

Fire blankets (also known as fire blankets) have always been an important tool for fire prevention. Its fire extinguishing principle is to cover the fire source, block the air, and cover it on the burning items so that the combustion cannot get oxygen and extinguishes, so as to achieve the purpose of extinguishing the fire. According to the different base fabrics used, fire blankets can be divided into pure cotton fire blankets, fiberglass fire blankets, carbon fiber fire blankets and ceramic fiber fire blankets.

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Hebei HaiDing Fiberglass Manufacturing Co.,Ltd demonstrates the mission of a state-owned enterprise with ingenuity, builds a safety barrier with sincerity, fulfills its mission with its original intention, and makes full use of its advantages in fiberglass production to develop a fiberglass fire blanket. The fire blanket is made of alkali-free glass, drawn by a large pool kiln and made of high-quality glass fiber. It is a new high-performance, multi-purpose composite material product with superior performance. It has the characteristics of flame retardancy, high temperature resistance (<700 ℃), non-prolongation of combustion in case of fire, corrosion resistance, and insect resistance. It can completely prevent combustion and isolate heat sources and flames. In the initial stage of the fire, it can extinguish the fire with oxygen at the fastest speed and control the spread of the disaster. It can also be used as a protective object for timely escape. As long as it is wrapped around the body, due to its own fireproof and heat insulation properties, the human body can be well protected during the escape process.

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Its blanket surface is tight, flat, soft and easy to fold. The surface adopts special coating, which has excellent fire extinguishing effect and bright color, which has both practicality and aesthetics. It has no expiration date, will not produce secondary pollution after use, is easy to carry, simple to configure, can be used quickly, and can be reused without damage.

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The fire blanket has a wide range of applications and is cost-effective. It can be used in homes, vehicles, etc., and can also be spliced to build forest firewalls. It can effectively save fire fighting time, improve fire fighting efficiency and reduce casualties.

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