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A Complete Guide to Help you Know Fiberglass Mat
August 5, 2022
What is fiberglass mat (aka chopped strand fiberglass)?
Fiberglass mat, also called chopped strand fiberglass or chopped strand mat is a non-woven material composed of short glass fiber strands. Although fiberglass matt is not very strong by itself. it is an economical way to reinforce fiberglass cloth or fiber glass woven roving in varied applications.

Available in various widths and sizes. Fiberglass mat is a so idea for building thickness and stiffness into laminate repairs, build-ups,and mold-related projects.
How is chopped strand mat created?
Producing chopped strand fiberglass mat is a multi-step process. First, a machine cuts continuous strand fiberglass roving into short lengths, each 1.5 to 3 inches long. Next, the 3mm chopped fibers are randomly scattered over a moving belt, creating a loosely structured random fiber sheet.

To provide structure, a lightweight binder added to the most y formed fiberglass sheet. Next. the mat is trimmed and formed into a roll. You can also purchase chopped strand mat in tape form.

Glass fiber chopped strand mat is suitable for the production of hand lay-up or molding FRP products. Widely used in automobiles, hulls, sanitary ware, electrical insulators, anti-corrosion, pipes and other products.

Aircraft: With a high strength-to-weight ratio, fiberglass mats are ideal for aircraft fuselages, propellers, and nose cones for high-performance jets.

Cars: Structures and bumpers, from cars to heavy commercial construction equipment, beds for vans, and even armored vehicles. All these parts that are often exposed to the most severe weather and are subject to wear and tear.
Boats: 95% of boats are made of fibre mat for its ability to withstand cold and heat. Its resistance to corrosion, salt water and atmospheric pollution.

Steel Construction: Bridge decking steel bars are replaced by fiberglass, which has the strength of steel and resists corrosion at the same time. For suspension bridges with wide spans, if they were made of steel, they would collapse under their own weight. It has been proven that fiberglass road rails are stronger than their steel counterparts. Water and electricity transmission towers, to street light poles, and street manhole covers are widely used because of their strength, light weight and durability.

Fiberglass cloth and fiberglass mat are considerably different materials. Fiberglass cloth or fabric is a class of woven fabric that is available in several different types of weaves. If you want to create a lightweight (but strong) laminate, fiberglass cloth is your best bet.

Fiberglass mat, features randomly oriented fibers without defined patterns.This property makes it the best option for creating complex shapes and tight corners when used with a mold. However, the mat is not very strong, so choose woven cloth or blend the two fiberglass products.

Chopped strand mat provides extra thickness when fabrication parameters require it, and helps to strengthen the bond between layers. In a gelcoat laminate, the mat is commonly used to prevent print-through, which occurs when the fiberglass texture is visible through the resin.

How do you use chopped strand fiberglass mat?
With chopped strand fiberglass mats random fiber orientation, it is easy to process this reinforcing material using a hand lay-up method. First, place sheets of material on a mold. Next, thoroughly brush the sheets with resin.

Note that polyester and vinyl resin effectively dissolves the binder that holds the sheets together. When the binder is gone. the chopped strand mat will easily conform to most desired configurations when saturated with the resin.

After the resin finishes curing, remove the resin-hardened product from the mold.
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