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Fiberglass Materials

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HD Fiberglass, Your fiberglass Materials manufacturer
HD Fiberglass has been in the fiberglass manufacturing industry for some time, and has adapted modern glass fiber manufacturing equipment and processes to keep production efficient and competitive. Improvements and renovations made to production, like the change to energy-saving and environment-friendly equipment, comply with environment and workplace safety standards. It has also added more value to the facility’s product output and quality assurance.

We provide high-quality, non-toxic fiberglass materials to help improve your brand be the best in the industry. Our fiberglass materials are carefully studied and made using only the finest minerals materials and the best manufacturing processes. They then undergo intensive quality assurance testing for physical defects and unwanted chemicals to assure that you get the best on every fiberglass products produced.
Fiberglass Roving
Pultrusion is a process where raw materials (fiberglass direct roving and resins) are drawn into a profile die by a mechanical pulling force. These glass fibers are injected with resins while under tension where they are combined and cured.
The weaving process, interlaces the warp and filling yarns according to a weave pattern to form a fabric structure. Almost any weave pattern can be woven with fiberglass roving/yarn. The basic patterns are: plain, basket, twill and their derivatives, unidirectional, as well as leno weave for producing meshes.
Fiberglass Fabric
Fiberglass Mat
Fiberglass Chopped strands
We assist you in finding the most suitable fiberglass to provide quality products on time and on budget
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