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Future development prospects and market demand of fiberglass industry
 July 6, 2022
In recent years, the National Bureau of Statistics has included glass fiber materials and glass fiber products in the "Strategic Emerging Industry Classification" catalog. Under the policy support, my country's glass fiber industry will develop rapidly.

In the long run, the strengthening and transformation of infrastructure in the Middle East and Asia-Pacific has increased the demand for glass fiber by a large amount. The demand for glass fiber in glass fiber modified plastics, sports equipment, aerospace, etc. continues to grow. The outlook is positive.
Which promising industries are expected to drive the growth of the fiberglass industry?
Increased demand for fiberglass boards from the automotive and transportation industries will drive the growth of market potential
Demand for fiberglass mat for boards and fiberglass epoxy resins in the automotive and transportation sectors will increase significantly. These composite materials contribute to the lightweighting of automotive structures without compromising strength, which will drive the demand for the fiberglass industry. With the rapid development of electric vehicles and increasing demand for lighter vehicles, this will drive the demand for fiberglass products in 2028.
There is a high demand for glass fiber reinforced polymers (GFRP) and glass fiber for concrete in the construction industry

Glass fiber reinforced concrete has also been gaining popularity in the past few years and is expected to have a prominent development trend in the future, and as a result, manufacturers are building new factories to increase production capacity to meet the needs of the construction industry.
What factors will spell trouble for fiberglass manufacturers in the years ahead?
"Strict environmental regulations hinder glass fiber consumption"
The processing and production of glass fibers requires a lot of energy and resources, which often have a negative impact on the environment. Amid the harsh climate, governments around the world are implementing strict laws and regulations to curb the release of harmful toxins from industry. These regulations are expected to hinder the production and consumption of fiberglass.
The lack of proper handling of fiberglass products will also be a major challenge for fiberglass product suppliers due to stricter laws on the handling of these inorganic elements. All of these factors may limit the adoption of fiberglass boards and other fiberglass products in end-use industries to some extent.
Which regions are profitable for fiberglass suppliers?
"North America and Western Europe will remain the leading regional markets"
The development of the fiberglass market landscape in regions such as North America, Latin America, Europe, East Asia, South Asia and the Pacific, and the Middle East and Africa (MEA) has been elaborated. In 2022, glass fiber demand in North America dominated, accounting for 32.3%, and it is expected to maintain this position through 2028. Rising investments in the construction industry are expected to drive fiberglass consumption in North America.

The growing popularity of smart devices and smart home technologies in Europe is driving demand for composite materials such as fiberglass. Currently, glass fiber consumption in Western and Eastern Europe accounts for 28.8% and 9.2%, respectively.
Overall, glass fiber sales in East, South Asia, and the Pacific are expected to be primarily driven by high demand from the construction industry. High demand for glass fiber reinforced concrete is expected in countries such as India, China, Indonesia and Thailand.
Analysis by country area: Will India provide a profitable environment for fiberglass manufacturers?
"Continuing infrastructure development drives fiberglass shipments"
Rapid urbanization and industrialization in India is leading the country's development. The growth in construction activities owing to the above-mentioned trends has boosted the sales of fiberglass in India. Government initiatives such as "Make in India" have boosted the industry-related sectors, thus driving the demand for the use of fiberglass pipes and tanks.
The growth of the Indian economy is expected to provide an extremely lucrative environment for fiberglass suppliers as the demand for products such as fiberglass for panels, fiberglass reinforced concrete, fiberglass roofing materials , fiberglass roving for pipes, etc. increases in the country.
What is the prospect of China's glass fiber industry?
"China's industry has high demand for glass fiber reinforced plastics"
The demand of fiberglass for plastics(FRP), glass fiber boards and glass fiber reinforced concrete(GFRC) in China is expected to be very high. China's lucrative manufacturing and industrial sectors present opportunities for glass fiber suppliers. Government initiatives are driving demand for electric vehicles and infrastructure construction, which are key end-use industries for fiberglass manufacturers.
Analysis by Category : Which glass sectors are expected to have a bright future?
"E glass has a wide range of applications and a large demand"
On the basis of glass segment, E-glass dominates the global fiberglass market and is also expected to maintain this proportion during the forecast period (2022-2028). Fiberglass panels and products made from E-glass are highly sought after for their properties such as high flexibility, abrasion and corrosion resistance. E-glass fiber products also have a variety of applications in major end-use industries such as automotive, transportation, marine, industrial and aerospace. The growing demand in the aerospace industry is expected to be a prominent trend through 2028.
COVID-19 Crisis Analysis
The glass fiber market has been adversely affected by the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, with most end industries using glass fiber shut down, and glass fiber sales have experienced significant changes during this period.

With the construction and automotive industries being the most dominant end-use sectors, the pandemic has curtailed demand for these applications, which has had an extremely adverse impact on fiberglass demand. Fiberglass resins, fiberglass raw materials, and fiberglass roofs are some of the key products that saw demand decline in 2020. However, as the world and manufacturing activities return to normal, glass fiber consumption is expected to rise at a steady CAGR and the market is expected to recover gradually in just a few years.
Competitive Landscape
Fiberglass companies are investing in research and development of more environmentally friendly fiberglass processing technologies to meet their sustainability goals. Fiberglass manufacturers are also using mergers and acquisitions to strengthen their product portfolios and strengthen their market presence in multiple regions.
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