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  • What fields are long glass fiber PP used in?


    In recent years, long glass fiber modified PP has been extremely popular in the modified plastics industry. Long glass fiber reinforced PP material is cheap and has excellent performance no less than that of reinforced engineering plastics. The combination of these two points shows the advantages of high cost performance and is widely favored by the industry. At present, these manufacturers have invested a lot of manpower and material resources in the production, research and development and market development of this type of material. Read More

  • Application of Fiberglass Reinforced Composites in Automobiles


    Non-metallic materials used in automobiles include plastics, rubber, adhesive sealants, friction materials, woven fiberglass fabrics, glass fiber matting and other materials, involving petrochemical, light industry, textile,fiberglass building materials and other related industrial sectors, so non-metallic materials are used in automobiles It reflects the comprehensive strength of a country's economy and technology, and also includes the technological development and application capabilities of a large number of related industries. Read More

  • Road and bridge waterproofing must-glass fiber laying waterproof layer


    Fiberglass is an inorganic non-metallic material that can replace metal with excellent performance and is widely used in many fields. Due to its good development prospects, major glass fiber manufacturing companies are focusing on the high performance and process optimization of glass fibers. Read More

  • What's the difference between fiberglass mat and cloth?


    Do you have a project in mind but have no idea where to start? Let us help you. One of the first things you will want to do is decide what kind of fiberglass you want to use. Do you need to build up thickness fast? Are you concerned about strength? Do you have tight corners you are working with? Let us break things down a bit to help you decide if fiberglass cloth is right for your project or if you are needing chopped fiberglass mat. Keep in mind that you can actually use both together to achieve your desired outcome. Here is an overview - Read More

  • Application of glass fiber in shipbuilding


    Glass reinforced plastics, GRP, are a form of fiber reinforced plastics, FRP, which were introduced for marine structural applications in the 1940's in the form of Navy personnel boats. Since that time fiberglass have found widespread acceptance for yachts and small boats such as fishing trawlers up to 34 m in length. Although the future of glass reinforced plastics for larger ship structures is very promising, economic factors, and to some degree, questions of durability, limit their applicability. Read More

  • What are the opportunities for pultruded composites in energy efficient buildings?


    In a report, the European Pultrusion Technology Association (EPTA) outlines how pultruded composites can be used to improve the thermal performance of building envelopes to meet increasingly stringent energy efficiency regulations. EPTA's report "Opportunities for Pultruded Composites in Energy Efficient Buildings" presents energy efficient pultrusion solutions to a variety of building challenges. "Increasingly stringent regulations and standards for the U-value (heat loss value) of building elements have led to increased use of energy-efficient materials and structures. Pultruded profiles offer an attractive combination of properties for the construction of energy-efficient buildings: Low thermal conductivity to minimize thermal bridging while providing excellent mechanical properties, durability and design freedom". EPTA Secretary Dr. Elmar Witten said so. Read More

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