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  • What does the price increase of fiberglass products (chopped strand mat) mean?
    Fiberglass products followed the rise, and the industry's turning point signal was further strengthened. This price increase is the third round of price increases in the fiberglass industry since March 25 and April 13. The price increases mainly cover chopped strand felt products, while the previous
  • Mastering the Art of Selecting Fiberglass Roving
    Have you ever felt overwhelmed by the myriad options when it comes to choosing fiberglass roving? Picture this: you're staring at shelves lined with different types, weights, and widths, unsure which one suits your project best. How do you ensure you make the right choice?When selecting fiberglass r
  • Fiberglass Materials for Electrical Insulation and Electronics Applications
    As a seasoned professional in fiberglass manufacturing, I'm thrilled to present a comprehensive guide to fiberglass materials perfectly suited for electrical insulation and electronics applications. Let's delve into the top-notch fiberglass options available: 1. Fiberglass SMC RovingFiberglass Sheet
  • Woven Roving vs. Multiaxial Combo Mats: Key Differences
    Ever puzzled over which fiberglass mat to choose for your complex composites project? What sets apart a fiberglass woven roving combo mat from a multiaxial cloth combo mat?Understanding these products' unique construction and characteristics is crucial for selecting the right material for specific e
  • Advantages of Fiberglass Rebar in Construction
    As the CEO of Hebei HaiDing Fiberglass Manufacturing Co., Ltd., I have an in-depth understanding of the production and application of fiberglass materials. In the realm of construction, fiberglass rebar is increasingly recognized for its exceptional properties. Let's explore its production process,
  • Fiberglass Explained: Properties and Production
    "Fiberglass," also known as "glass wool" or "glass fiber," is a new reinforcing material commonly used in various sectors of the national economy, including as reinforcement in composite materials, electrical insulation, thermal insulation, and circuit boards. Its single fibers range from a few micr
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