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Road and bridge waterproofing must-glass fiber laying waterproof layer
 July 20, 2022
Fiberglass is an inorganic non-metallic material that can replace metal with excellent performance and is widely used in many fields. Due to its good development prospects, major glass fiber manufacturing companies are focusing on the high performance and process optimization of glass fibers.

Glass fibre is an inorganic non-metallic material that can replace metal and has excellent performance. It is prepared by drawing molten glass into fibers through the action of external force. It has the characteristics of high strength, high modulus and low elongation. Heat resistance and compressibility, large thermal expansion coefficient, high melting point, its softening temperature can reach 550-750°C, good chemical stability, not easy to burn, has certain excellent characteristics such as corrosion resistance, has been widely used in many fields.
2.Properties of fiberglass
The melting point of glass fiber is 680°C, the boiling point is 1000°C, and the density is 2.4-2.7g/cm3. The tensile strength in the standard state is 6.3-6.9g/d, and the wet state is 5.4-5.8g/d. Glass fiber surface mat is an advanced fiber insulating material with good heat resistance and is suitable for the production of insulating fireproof materials.
3.Application of glass fiber in the field of building materials
As we all know, cement-based fiberglass building materials have outstanding characteristics of high compressive strength, low flexural strength, low tensile strength, and low impact strength. With the in-depth research and development of glass fiber, the emergence of alkali-resistant glass fiber has produced a new type of glass fiber reinforced cement material, which overcomes the defects of the cement matrix. This material can not only improve the flexural and tensile strength of cement-based, but also improve its impact strength.

Glass fiber tires are another material used in the construction field of glass fibers. They are wet-formed by chopped glass fibers, then soaked in polymer binders, and dried at high temperature to cure glass fiber products. It has good waterproof performance and aging resistance. Mildew resistance, dimensional stability and good processing performance. At the same time, the hot-melt or cold-viscosity method can be used in the construction process, so the annual construction will not be affected by the climate.
4.Waterproof technology upgrade: two sprays + one glass fiber
It can be seen from the construction procedure that the bridge deck has completed the first spraying of the waterproof coating, and the on-site intuitive feedback shows that the construction is smooth, the gun is not blocked, and the workers operate easily and effortlessly; in addition, the first waterproof coating is paved. The glass fiber is resistant to corrosion and wear, and the bonding between the coatings is increased, and the work efficiency is successively improved; then the second waterproof coating is sprayed, and the multi-layer waterproof coating is superimposed on the bridge deck. Crack resistance and impermeability to maintain waterproof quality.

The technical upgrade is mainly reflected in the uses of fibreglass, which is light and durable, easy to construct, not limited by climate, can resist erosion caused by various climatic factors such as light, cold and heat, rain and freezing, and has good wind resistance and waterproof function. , which can greatly reduce the load of road and bridge decks. With the gradual development of green buildings, it is a new type of waterproof material widely used in road and bridge decks at home and abroad.
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