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What fields are long glass fiber PP used in?
 July 8, 2022
In recent years, long glass fiber modified PP has been extremely popular in the modified plastics industry. Long glass fiber reinforced PP material is cheap and has excellent performance no less than that of reinforced engineering plastics. The combination of these two points shows the advantages of high cost performance and is widely favored by the industry.

At present, these manufacturers have invested a lot of manpower and material resources in the production, research and development and market development of this type of material.
PP material
As one of the general plastic materials, PP has excellent comprehensive properties, good chemical stability, good molding performance and relatively low price; however, fiberglass for PP has low strength, modulus, hardness, poor low temperature impact strength, and molding. The disadvantages of large shrinkage and easy aging.
Generally speaking, the tensile strength of PP material is between 20M~30MPa, the bending strength is between 25M~50MPa, and the bending modulus is between 800M~1500MPa. Therefore, it is modified so that it can be adapted to the needs of the product. Today, each modified PP has a large number of applications in the field of household appliances and vehicles.
long glass fiber

Glass fiber (or fiberglass) is an inorganic non-metallic material with excellent performance. Its advantages are good insulation, strong heat resistance, good corrosion resistance and high mechanical strength, but its disadvantages are brittleness, resistance Poor abrasiveness. One of the main uses of glass fiber is the reinforcement of composite materials. Long glass fiber generally refers to fiberglass roving with a length of more than 10mm.
Long glass fiber reinforced PP plastic
Long glass fiber reinforced PP plastic refers to a modified PP composite material containing glass fibers with a length of 10 to 25 mm. After injection molding and other processes, a three-dimensional structure with a glass fiber length greater than 3.1 mm is formed. The English is LongGlassFiberpolypropylene, abbreviated as LGFPP. There are many materials at home and abroad that long fiber reinforced thermoplastics are referred to as LFT (ie Long-fiberreinforcethermoplastic). From the definition of material, LGFPP belongs to a kind of LFT.

As an automotive module carrier material, the material can not only effectively improve the rigidity, impact strength, creep resistance and dimensional stability of products, but also can make complex automotive module products.
Particle Morphology of Long Glass Fiber Reinforced PP
Generally, it is a columnar particle with a length of 12 mm or 25 mm and a diameter of about 3 mm chopped strands. Among them, the pellets with a length of about 12mm are mainly used for injection molding, and the pellets with a length of about 25mm are mainly used for compression molding. In this particle, the glass fiber has the same length as the particle, the content of glass fiber can vary from 20% to 70%, and the color of the particle can be matched according to customer requirements.
Why do some fields use long glass fiber reinforced PP instead of short glass fiber reinforced PP?
LFT has the following advantages over short fiber reinforced thermoplastic composites:

• The fiber length is longer, which obviously improves the mechanical properties of the product.

• High specific stiffness and specific strength, good impact resistance, especially suitable for the application of auto parts.

• Improved creep resistance, good dimensional stability, and high part forming accuracy.

• Excellent fatigue resistance. 

• Better stability in high temperature and humid environments.

• During the molding process, the fibers can move relatively in the molding die, and the fiber damage is small.
Where is long glass fiber reinforced PP often used?
Auto industry
Front-end modules, door modules, gearshift mechanisms, electronic accelerator pedals, dashboard frames, cooling fans and frames, battery brackets, bumper brackets, underbody protection panels, sunroof frames, etc., are used to replace enhanced PA or metal materials. The application of HD Fiberglass material in these fields has been vigorously promoted in Europe, and the current consumption is 20,000T/Y.
Appliance industry
Washing machine drum, washing machine tripod bracket, one brush machine drum, air conditioner fan, etc., are used to replace short glass fiber reinforced PA, APS or metal materials.
Communication, electronics, electrical appliances industry
High-precision connectors, igniter components, coil shafts, relay bases, microwave oven transformer coil frames/frames, electrical connectors, solenoid valve packages, scanner components, etc. in the communication electronics industry.
Power tool casings, water pump or water meter casings, impellers, bicycle frames, snowboards, ground motorcycle pedals, military/civilian safety helmets, safety shoe toe caps, etc., used to replace chopped strand glass fiber reinforced PA, PPO, etc.
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