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Strength, Versatility, and Performance Combined
Unveiling the Key Features of Strength member
That's why our strength member can meet the unique needs of different industries or project.
Strength and Durability
FRP optical cable reinforcement core has higher tensile strength, high modulus, light weight, and the specific gravity is about 1/4 of steel wire, which is easy to process and lay. FRP reinforced core optical cable is bulletproof, anti-bite and anti-ant.​​​​​​​
Electric insulation
Not sensitive to electric shock, suitable for areas with frequent lightning and rain. The FRP rod optical cable can be installed close to the power line and power supply unit, with good insulation and no interference from induced current. 
Corrosion resistant
Compared with the metal core, the FRP optical cable strengthening core will not produce gas due to the chemical reaction between the metal and the ointment, which will affect the optical fiber transmission index, and has a long service life.
Easy Installation
Haiding fiberglass strength member​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Smooth surface, stable size, easy processing and installation, making FRP rods have a wide range of applications. Light weight, the specific gravity is about 1/4 of steel wire, easy to process and lay