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Chopped Strand Products
Fiberglass chopped strands are chopped from fiber glass to specified lengths. 
HD fiberglass chopped strands meet the needs of thermoplastics, thermosets, construction, and automotive. 
Due to the low price of fiberglass and environmental protection,It is a very competitive product to replace polyester fiber and lignin fiber for reinforced material structure.


It can be combined with all thermoplastic plastics and thermosetting plastics to form reinforced glass fiber resin. The finished product has high strength and high insulation performance. Widely used in the manufacture of home appliances, medical, sports equipment(such as medical ECT glass,) and other fields.

Building Materials

GRC is made from cement and fiberglass composites through various processes. It can replace traditional steel bars and wood fibers, which is environmentally friendly and has a strong structure.Improve the high temperature stability, low temperature crack resistance and fatigue resistance of asphalt concrete and prolong the service life of pavement.

Automotive Field

Chopped Strand used to make brake pads and BMC sheets.The material itself has oil resistance, wear resistance and good creep resistance, which conforms to the trend of lightweight automobiles, and can replace traditional metal materials because of its light weight.Glass fiber reinforced composite materials have strong fatigue resistance.
Certificate of Qualification
Our products have passed CE ISO SGS BV REACH and other certifications.
The produced glass fiber chopped strands meet international standards and support third-party testing.
Our factory
HD has 20 years of production experience in the glass fiber industry,
And there are strict inspection standards in quality control. The monthly output is 5,000 tons, and the production can be adjusted according to the order quantity
About us
HD's business team has rich experience in foreign trade,
 and uses professional product knowledge to provide customers with accurate and high-quality products
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HD Glass Fiber Chopped Strands are packaged in kraft bags or woven bags, about 25kg per bag, 4 bags per layer, 8 layers per pallet and 32 bags per pallet, Each 32 bags of products are packed by multilayer shrink film and packing band. Also the product can be packed as the customers’ reasonable requirements.
HD Fiber Glass supports multiple shipping methods (sea shipping, air shipping, rail shipping), if you want to receive your glass fiber samples as soon as possible, we can recommend the best shipping method for you.

Delivery Detail: 15 days after receiving the deposit.
Professional service

Our mission is new materials create a better life.
Welcome business cooperation by our high quality products and sincere service,to win the beautiful tomorrow together!
R & D team

We are constantly adopting new technologies and developing fiberglass material ideas that benefit our customers and their products in new and exciting ways. We believe the possibilities for achieving great chopped strands are almost endless.
Payment methods
The payment methods we support are: TT,LC,DP/DA,Alibaba.  
And other payment methods.
Market Development

We can provide professional product solutions to help you better understand products and company.

We can also recommend your local small customers to buy from you to help you expand the market.
Our business partner
We assist you in finding the most suitable fiberglass to provide quality products on time and on budget
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