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A Different Kind of Fiberglass Materials Partner
Our mission is new materials create better life.
HD Fiberglass Supply Chain
We are a fiberglass raw materials manufacturer&supplier
Our business model is designed to make fiberglass products manufacturing easy for our customers. We can design, manufacture, store, ship fiberglass, and do a lot more. We offer a range of pre-engineered products​ and services designed to streamline production supply chains and grow profits.

For any market or industry, one call brings it all! From research and development to complex custom design​, we are ready to help you make more profit.

No Matter How Big or Small
Already worked with companies of all sizes

We understand that small entrepreneurs may need a little extra time and a helping hand to fully explore their options. Raetin has experienced
 success in previous cases, which is truly inspiring and shows what you can achieve for your products, brand and bottom line.