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Development market of glass fiber in various fields-2022
 August 16, 2022
Glass fiber is the mainstream reinforcement material, and technology drives the upgrading of product structure
Traditional cars: lightweight and continuous penetration
Vehicle weight reduction is a long-term trend, and lightweighting is imperative. In the process of the development of the fiber reinforced automobile industry, lightweighting has always been an important area of ​​concern for many parties. The reasons are as follows: Vehicle lightweighting is an important method and approach to save fuel and reduce emissions.

Glass fiber materials are lightweight and inexpensive, and are currently the first choice for lightweight automotive materials. Glass fiber reinforced composite materials have become one of the main raw materials for the automotive industry, and their advantages lie in excellent material properties, good economy, the possibility of mass supply, and good recyclability. Glass fiber reinforced thermoplastic composites have the advantages of low density, high design freedom, corrosion resistance, impact resistance and vibration absorption. Now the most commonly used long glass fiber reinforced materials can completely replace metal materials for front-end modules, achieving the purpose of lightening, and reducing the weight by 30~50%. At present, joint ventures such as Volkswagen and Mazda have been widely used. After switching to long glass fiber reinforced materials, both weight and cost have been significantly reduced, which can be described as "light and cheap".
Aerospace: Special high-performance glass fiber is indispensable, friend of metal materials