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Sustainability Through the Years
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Our fiberglass has the capacity to return to the production process. It has the ability to maintain its high quality and safe functionalities while being endlessly reused. As a fiberglass manufacturer, we nurture an eco-friendly approach.
Key levers to achieve our objectives
Fiberglass: a durable and environmentally friendly material

Fiberglass is your natural choice when you are looking for energy efficient, green and sustainable solutions. Due to its composition, fiberglass is known for its very low energy content - from the raw material stage to the total energy required to deliver the fiberglass product.

Typically, glass fiber does not require added materials to strengthen it, reducing the volume and weight of the finished glass fiber, helping to reduce shipping costs in the process.

Sustainability starts with minerals - abundant natural resources

The main component of fiberglass is minerals - an abundant, natural, non-consumable resource - and fiberglass is a highly sustainable solution.
Recyclability and the environment

Fiberglass is designed, tested and built to last….for decades. That means there is less waste heading to landfills, as fiberglass products have extremely long life cycles.

Many fiberglass products have earned an ENERGY STAR rating, a symbol of their energy-saving properties. As a sustainable resource, fiberglass has become highly sought after by shipyards, storage tank piping wind turbine blades and other manufacturers, home builders, and contractors.

Due to its natural strength and durability, fiberglass is an excellent choice for those looking for an energy-efficient, environmentally friendly option for residential or commercial applications.
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