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Fiberglass Roving
Raw materials of glass fiber: quartz sand, alumina, pyrophyllite, limestone, dolomite, boric acid, soda ash, mirabilite, fluorite
The types of glassfiber roving mainly include direct roving,multi-end roving,and fiberglass yarn.
According to the application, it can be divided into winding, pultrusion, weaving, spraying, SMC, gypsum, and continuous sheet.

Assembled roving is formed by multi strand fiberglass. Such rovings are divided into hard multi-end roving
and soft multi-end roving. Hard multi-end roving is of some stiffness and mainly used in spray-up and SMC processes. Soft plied yarn is mainly used for winding, pultrusion, prepreg process, etc.

Direct Roving is utilized in a wide variety of FRP (Fiber Reinforced Plastics) products such as housing equipment, automobile parts, and synthetic wood. It can be applied into thermosetting resin (for example, unsaturated polyester resin, epoxy resin, and urethane resin) and thermoplastic resin (for example, polypropylene and polyamide).

Yarns with lower monofilament diameter and TEX value relative to rovings, monofilament diameter ≤ 9 μm.
Mainly designed for electronic fabric yarn, using starch-type sizing agent, with good thermal cleaning performance. Also suitable for general industrial use with good braiding properties.


Wind power

Glass fiber is the main reinforcing material used in large-scale wind power blades. The development trend of large-scale wind power blades has increased the technical requirements for raw materials, and high-modulus winding yarn has become the development focus of various glass fiber manufacturers. HD's ECR roving is the main product used for wind turbine blades.

Building materials

ARG fiber rovings contain a high concentration of zirconia and are resistant to both acid and alkali at a high level. It is mainly used as reinforcement for glass fiber reinforced concrete (GRC) and calcium silicate products.
It is also used as a crack control material for ordinary concrete and cement mortar. It has been widely used in construction and civil engineering for over 40 years.


Fiberglass roving is corrosion-resistant and anti-adhering to marine organisms, and is more suitable for use in marine environment than traditional shipbuilding materials; it can make the surface of the hull mirror smooth, and can have various colors, especially suitable for building complex shapes, various styles, beautiful yachts

Sanitary ware

Spary up roving is suitable for FRP spray forming, suitable for various spray guns and fiber conveying systems, such as the manufacture of bathtubs, sanitary ware and swimming pools. 
The untwisted rovings for jetting are made of multiple strands of strands, and each strand contains 200 glass fiber monofilaments.

FRP reinforcement

Fiberglass roving has good corrosion resistance, high specific strength, small thermal stress, strong design and repairability,
Light weight, easy to install and transport. Widely used in pipelines and storage tanks in petrochemical, water supply  and other fields. It can also be used for FRP grid, pultruded sheet products


Roving/Yarn, twisted E-glass fiber, can be processed into cloth, net, tape and braid. It is widely used mainly as a basic configuration material of industrial materials which are applied in civil engineering and construction. In addition, it realized excellent workability of twisting a single yarn into multiple number twisted type, which also brings functional improvements to final products.
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