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Fiberglass Mat
Fiberglass mat (also called glass veil or glass nonwoven) is a flat fabric composed of chopped fiberglass oriented in a random pattern and bonded together. 
Originally invented to replace cardboard in waterproofing membranes, fiberglass mats have long since conquered additional applications such as commercial and 
residential construction, energy storage and automotive.

Wind power generation

Fiberglass mat has the characteristics of fatigue resistance, high strength, light weight and weather resistance, and is more and more used in the field of wind power generation.
The application of fiberglass composite materials in wind
 turbines is mainly in the nacelle and the shroud.


Because glass fiber mat has the following characteristics: light weight, high strength, corrosion resistance,
anti-sea organism adhesion and other characteristics, it is widely used in the manufacture of small and medium ships. Fiberglass mats can be used to manufacture boat hulls, bulkheads, decks, superstructures, etc.

Building materials

Fiberglass mats have been widely used in the construction industry. Compared to wood and steel, they have the advantages of being lighter in weight, requiring less support structure, excellent resistance to corrosion and decay, etc.
Fiberglass mats can be used to manufacture FRP sheets, water tanks, sanitary ware, doors and windows, roof waterproofing materials and purification tanks, etc.


The glass fiber mat has good corrosion resistance, high specific strength, small thermal stress, strong designability and repairability,light weight, and convenient installation and transportation. It is widely used in pipelines and storage tanks in the fields of oil field, chemical industry, water supply and drainage, brewing and fermentation.

Consumer goods

Glass fiber mat has the characteristics of light weight, high strength, large design freedom, easy processing and molding,
low friction coefficient, good fatigue resistance, etc. It is widely used in sports equipment, outdoor products and other fields.
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