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Fiberglass Roving For Weaving
Glass fiber roving/yarn can be processed into cloth, net, tape and braid. 
It is widely used mainly as a basic configuration material of industrial materials which are applied in civil engineering and construction.
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Application of 
Fiberglass Roving
Fiberglass yarn/roving is electrical insulation materials, electronic industrial fabrics, tubes and other industrial fabric raw materials. It is widely used for weaving all kinds of fabrics in the scope of reinforcement, insulation, corrosion resistance, heat resistance and so on.

Product Specification

Fiberglass direct roving
 TEX Diameter (um)   LOl (%)  Mol (%)  Compatible Resin
  2000-4800 22-24   0.40-0.70 ≤0.10 UP
  300-1200 13-17   0.40-0.70 ≤0.10 UP VE EP
  300-4800 13-24   0.40-0.70 ≤0.10 UP VE EP
  300-2400 13-24   0.35-0.55 ≤0.10 UP VE EP PF
Fiberglass yarn
Type Glass type Filament Diameter Type in U.S.A. Twist Degree
EC9-33X1X2 E-GLASS 9um ECG 150 1/2 S65
EC9-33X1X3 E-GLASS 9um ECG 150 1/3 S65
EC9-33X1X3 E-GLASS 9um ECG 150 2/3 S110
EC9-68X1X0 E-GLASS 9um ECG 75 1/0 Z28-35
EC9-68X1X2 E-GLASS 9um ECG 75 1/2 S28-110
EC9-136X1X0 E-GLASS 9um ECG 37 1/0 Z28-35
EC9-136X1X2 E-GLASS 9um ECG 37 1/2 S28-110
EC5.5-12x1x0 E-GLASS 5.5um ECD 450 1/0 S40
EC5.5-12x1x2 E-GLASS 5.5um ECD 450 1/2 S40
CC9-33x1x2 C-GLASS 9um CCG 150 1/2 S28-100
CC9-33x2x2 C-GLASS 9um CCG 150 2/2 S28-100
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Production Process
The raw material of glass fiber roving/yarn is minerals. 
Fiberglass roving for weaving has high strength, high tensile strength, 
good tear resistance
Inspection report
HD can provide professional TDS, REACH MSDS, CE, BV, ISO, SGS certification, and can also do corresponding third-party certification according to customer requirementsneed.
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HD Glass Fiber Roving each roll is approximately 18KG, 48/64 rolls a tray, 48 rolls are 3 floors and 64 rolls are 4 floors. The 20-foot container holds about 22 tons.

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